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    LuvlyMedia is a Graphic and Media company that has been designed to provide you with the very best in design and web solutions at an affordable price.

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    01May 2014

    £150.00 Bespoke / 1page website

    Special offer for Bespoke websites. If you are launching a new brand or having promotionnal campaign this would suit your needs and budgets perfectly. for more details please get in contactbut hurry, this offer ends soon.

    01Jan 2013

    LuvlyMedia Launches

    It is finally here! LuvlyMedia is now Live and ready for business. Check out our services page to see whats on offer

  • About us

    The story...

    Founded in 2012 by Latoyah "Luvly" Shaw. LuvlyMedia originally surfaced in 2008 when "Luvly" hit the age of 18 years old. She was able to explore her design and web skills, when employed by a local computing company as marketing director. Self-taught in web and graphics, Luvly went on to University to commit to the academic knowledge of her desires. Having built the right clientele and hired a small team LuvlyMedia was able to pioneer a stronger, better and more equipped team then ever before.

    LuvlyMedia is a media service that has been designed to provide you with a variety of design and web solutions. As we are a small team we are able to maintain an efficient relationship with our clients and demonstrate a good understanding by working closely with you and support material for your target audience.We aim to create a brand that is both eye-catching, appealing, unique and recognisable globally. Our aim is to ddevelop the bring your brand to life which best captures the value of an enterprise

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    Luvly Photography

    Based in the UK we are well situated to bring over 5 year’s experience to any location. We do anything and everything from commercial photography to events/functions. Here at LuvlyMedia we aim to help you get the most from your photographs. We believe our clients deserve perfection, expertise and creativity. Tell us your needs we will provide.

    Video Campaigns and Editing

    We offer high definition editing services. We have a team of professional editors who take your raw video footage and create an outstanding visual. We’re committed to understanding your needs to deliver a phenomenal service. We specialise in creating dynamic online video campaigns as well as music videos, ensuring we tell your story and capture your target audience in the most effective way.

    Online Media

    LuvlyMedia is have a highly skilled set of web designers, who are able to create stunning websites to give your business the credibility and exposure it deserves. At an affordable price we’ll build you a clean, professional, easy-to-navigate site which is guaranteed to attract an audience. We specialise in graphic design bringing you high quality and unique designs. Want web success. Look no further.

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    For more information about Luvlymedia or estimated price plans please download our media pack here


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